Regular Lamine Glass

Lamineli Glass are produced by means of a special layer which is named as PVB, two of more plate glass combine under high heat and high pressure.


  • Level of noise at outdoor placeses are decreased to normal level of habitable placess and increase life quality of people. 
  • Harmfull effects of noise on people are reduced with that glass. 
  • Injury risc of people because of crash to glass decrease with that glass. 
  • It provide security againist attack and the time of attack and thief with stone and stick delay income of promotor. 
  • It can contribute insulation of voice. 
  • It inhibit %97-99 ratio transition of UV rays which cause to color change of fabric and other things.
  • It provide heat insulation as well as security and safety.
  • It contribute heat control with Low-E covered lamine glass.